Tri State Markers

Although not there yet I am researching how to get to my missing states. North Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Hawaii are my focus now. It will take at least three visits to achieve this so from time to time I spend a while map looking and distance planning. I don’t know why I never realised this before but instead of trying to drive between Oklahoma and New Mexico I am going to try and get to the Tri State markers where the confluence of states touch.

The most famous is the Four Corners Monument where you can stand in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona at the same time. This would tick the Utah and New Mexico boxes. Looking at the map this marker is still nearly six hours from Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix and over 13 hours from Dallas.

There are tri state markers at many points in America in fact about 65 points where 3 states touch. This could be a new direction to go and collecting these markers on a new challenge. Some are only reachable with a boat and other have no physical markers to see.

If you are in Nevada there are 5 places that the state meets two neighbouring states. You have to be a bit of an adventurer to get to all of these.

There is a really good article on the Washington Post Website Looking a geographical thrill? With an interactive map with graphics to show how to access each of the 65 points.

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 11.49.53
So this is what I am going to aim for – Park and Look NM – OK- TX

Now I have something to aim for it is just finding the right route into America because what ever I do there are many miles to cover. The planning continues….