Cherished Memories of Christmas in America

I was advised that people don’t like reading too much and so to keep my ramblings brief. Apparently there is an acronym TLDR – too long didn’t read. So in my obvious passion for trying to put every little detail down I probably have bored the pants of you all which wasn’t my intention.

As it ‘The Season’ I wanted to share some magical memories of being in America at the ‘Most Wonderful Time Year’.

In Disneyworld Florida when my daughters were 3 and 5 we watched the Disney Parade along Main Street USA. It was when the final float came into view that even went ‘WOW’. My girl’s jaws dropped open because there in front of them on a bi-level balcony scene were ALL of their favourite Prince and Princess’s. They couldn’t believe their eyes and even writing about all these years later makes me a bit emotional. It was truly amazing along with the musical accompaniment in true Disney fashion.

In San Francisco at Ghiraldelli Square the girls took full advantage of the free sample of famous Ghiraldelli Chocolate that was offered on exiting the store. They went in through the store and out of the store countless times. It was the absolutely perfect Christmas Tree decorated with colourful boxes with huge bows, teddy bears and toy soldiers. It was simply the best tree I had ever seen and just evoked what a special time of year it is.

Chocolate and sweets are traditional Christmas favourites and have been since Victorian times. I don’t know why but the way it is decorated and presented in America is like being in a scene of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was with my husband in New York and we were navigating our way through Bloomingdales. It was the first time I had seen Bloomingdales paper bags with the simple message ‘Little, Medium or Big’ brown bag and was looking at what I could get just to get the bag. All of a sudden we stumbled into the Christmas Candy Store. My goodness it was simply amazing. Displays of sweets beautifully presented in towers and ribbons. Gift boxes of chocolates, Candy canes, Jellies, Jelly Beans and so on. We were children again. The aroma was unforgettable and if you could put Christmas into a scent then this was it. Sublime.

These are my top three. What are yours?