USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Admittedly I haven’t looked for a rental car since the Cornavirus Pandemic put a halt on my Road Trip planning and my quest in visiting the missing six states that I am yet to visit. On the encouraging news that President Joe Biden has opened up America to vaccinated UK and European visitors I thought I would do a very soft search into a visit … Continue reading USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Road Trip ….let’s go!

So you have your flights sorted and your preferred sized car booked and paid for. I only use a search engine called Rental Cars now because they have consistently been the best value for the last 5 years or so. They also offer a price match which they honour even against their own rentals. Tip: Decide how many drivers your party actually need. If one brave … Continue reading Road Trip ….let’s go!