New England – Adirondack Chairs

On my travels I find myself drawn to the photogenic porches and harbour areas with colourful outdoor wooden chairs known as Adirondack Chairs. Also known as Westport or Muskoka Chairs. Here in the UK they are often referred to as Maryland Chair. Originally known as the Westport Chair it was designed by Thomas Lee, a native of Massachusetts, in 1903 while he was holidaying at … Continue reading New England – Adirondack Chairs

Mount Washington Cog Railway Celebrates 150 Years

I received an email the other day congratulating Mount Washington’s 150th anniversary in time for the new summer season. Some of you will have already read about my visit in 2018 (if not here) New England 26 May – Mount Washington On a clear day apparently you can see the Atlantic Ocean from the summit. At 6288 feet it is the highest peak in the … Continue reading Mount Washington Cog Railway Celebrates 150 Years

Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Michael Portillo has one of the best jobs ever! He and his little Appleton’s book get to travel and experience America by rail. His obvious enjoyment in presenting the history of his destinations and how they affected modern America is infectious. He is a retired Politian and yet he presents in an informative and often humorous style. I love his obvious British awkwardness but he … Continue reading Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2