Where NOT to start a FLY-DRIVE in America

Not something I considered before I pick up my rental car and that is what are the road users going to be like. According to recent report the worst and best States to start your Fly Drive and Road Trip of a Lifetime are now ranked. The order has been compiled by Quote Wizard that is like a travel agency but for car insurance (available … Continue reading Where NOT to start a FLY-DRIVE in America

5 Best Attractions in America

See if you agree with this list and if not let me have your nominations. Grand Canyon I was surprised to discover that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina is the most visited but that must be with mainly US visitors the most iconic must be the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It stretches a massive 277 miles which … Continue reading 5 Best Attractions in America

Michael Portillo – Great Alaskan and Canadian Railroad Journeys – BBC2

He is back, the luckiest presenter in the world. With amiable manner and stiff upper lip these travel series are just a delight to watch. Guided by his 19th century Appleton’s Guide to America Michael discovers the largest State in America and the least populated. This new series on BBC2 at 18.30 features Alaska and the Alaskan Railroad and coming afterwards there is a feature on the … Continue reading Michael Portillo – Great Alaskan and Canadian Railroad Journeys – BBC2

Disneyland Resort Price Increases

Just announced in the L.A Times that Disney  have increased admission charges and car park charges increased …again! So now you know who is funding the new Star Wars Galaxy Edge attraction …..YOU ARE! Does Disney need to charge every parked car $25 per day? The rates if you are interested are up by up to 25% and apparently after raising them by 18% in … Continue reading Disneyland Resort Price Increases

Christmassy Cities to Visit

I came across a list of the most Christmassy cities across the States, some are obvious choices and others seem quite random…that is unless you are part of the planning committee. I think that America does Christmas fantastically and somehow it seems genuine and that effort and thought is put into the spectacle. By State Alabama – Huntsville – See Santa’s Village at the Train … Continue reading Christmassy Cities to Visit

Music Cities across the States

One of the most popular requests that repeatedly occurs is about Music City Tours. So which cities do people want to combine to make their dream trip come to life? American music has been inspired and influenced by the different immigrant communities as they arrived and dispersed across the plains or travelled up to the north. Looking for the most popular cities to visit to … Continue reading Music Cities across the States