Hairy Bikers – Route 66

I discovered that the BBC are showing a delightful travel come cookery series called  Hairy Bikers Route 66 I am the first to admit that cookery programmes leave me cold but it was the Route 66 aspect that attracted me to watch. It is the joy of the open road with Dave Myers and Si King on their Harley’s travelling across the 9 states from … Continue reading Hairy Bikers – Route 66

Smithsonian Channel SKY 195

I just had to write about this channel that I literally discovered this afternoon. Smithsonian Channel on SKY 195 has the most amazing documentaries about America. I learnt that the salt flats in Death Valley National Park are almost 200 miles long and that there is an annual race from Badwater to Whitney which is 135 miles long in temperatures of around 120 degrees. Contestants … Continue reading Smithsonian Channel SKY 195

Michael Portillo – Great Alaskan and Canadian Railroad Journeys – BBC2

He is back, the luckiest presenter in the world. With amiable manner and stiff upper lip these travel series are just a delight to watch. Guided by his 19th century Appleton’s Guide to America Michael discovers the largest State in America and the least populated. This new series on BBC2 at 18.30 features Alaska and the Alaskan Railroad and coming afterwards there is a feature on the … Continue reading Michael Portillo – Great Alaskan and Canadian Railroad Journeys – BBC2

Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Michael Portillo has one of the best jobs ever! He and his little Appleton’s book get to travel and experience America by rail. His obvious enjoyment in presenting the history of his destinations and how they affected modern America is infectious. He is a retired Politian and yet he presents in an informative and often humorous style. I love his obvious British awkwardness but he … Continue reading Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2