USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Admittedly I haven’t looked for a rental car since the Cornavirus Pandemic put a halt on my Road Trip planning and my quest in visiting the missing six states that I am yet to visit. On the encouraging news that President Joe Biden has opened up America to vaccinated UK and European visitors I thought I would do a very soft search into a visit … Continue reading USA – Car Rental Prices Up, UP, UUPP!!

Gas Stations – Which is your favourite?

On 1 December 1913 the first drive-in fuel station in America opened in Pennsylvania.  Located at the intersection of Baum Boulevard and St. Clair Street in Pittsburgh. The simple structure had cantilevered pagoda style roof to provide shelter the pumps, cars and station attendants. USA Today are having a vote on your favourite gas station. For a list of nominees click here When I am in … Continue reading Gas Stations – Which is your favourite?

Road Trip Itineraries – Try These

Visitors to America that want to experience the open road and plan journeys along ”The Mother Road” – Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway for their bucket lists could add these suggestions to future adventures. Tip: Remember to factor in car rental and one way drop off fees into your budget Atlantic Coast – Maine to Miami 1,900 miles The I-95 runs from Maine … Continue reading Road Trip Itineraries – Try These

Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Tom-Tom send me regular emails trying to get me to upgrade and change my perfectly functioning (famous last words) unit. This latest attempt caught my eye though. I did click Find Out More Tom Tom Traffic Index – Live Congestion Statistics It might be helpful in planning your next city visit to the States. Continue reading Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Filling Up at the Pump Stateside

I pulled into a gas service station between Burlington and Bellingham WA to make sure that I had enough gas to get me back to Vancouver. Unlike in the UK you can either pay at the pump or pre-pay inside. I always have problems using a card at the pumps over in America because it doesn’t seem to recognise my credit card as credit for … Continue reading Filling Up at the Pump Stateside

Where NOT to start a FLY-DRIVE in America

Not something I considered before I pick up my rental car and that is what are the road users going to be like. According to recent report the worst and best States to start your Fly Drive and Road Trip of a Lifetime are now ranked. The order has been compiled by Quote Wizard that is like a travel agency but for car insurance (available … Continue reading Where NOT to start a FLY-DRIVE in America

Driving in America

According to the US Federal Highway Commission there are 4.12 million miles of roads in America. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. The core of this network is the Interstate system which comprises of about 1% or 47,575 of the road system and carries a quarter of all highway traffic. Another 179,650 miles of major roads comprise the National Highway System which carries most of the … Continue reading Driving in America

Road Trip ….let’s go!

So you have your flights sorted and your preferred sized car booked and paid for. I only use a search engine called Rental Cars now because they have consistently been the best value for the last 5 years or so. They also offer a price match which they honour even against their own rentals. Tip: Decide how many drivers your party actually need. If one brave … Continue reading Road Trip ….let’s go!