Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Sometime in the near future the UK will turn the Amber light to Green and the mass exodus will begin. Knowing that the next time I fly I will be in close proximity to many others and putting my safety in the hands of strangers but with the confidence that my chosen air carrier has protocols in place to keep the aircraft cabin as sanitised … Continue reading Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Coronavirus – UK puts USA on Amber

The UK announced a traffic light system of countries that UK residents will be allowed to travel to from 17 May 2021. The travel industry and most of the population of the UK was very disappointed with the results. The decisions were analysed by data that included the rates of infection of Covid-19 as well as the success so far of the countries vaccination programme. … Continue reading Coronavirus – UK puts USA on Amber

Reward Programmes

In an effort for brand loyalty there are benefit programmes for everything from books to airline tickets. These companies track your every purchase and then using algorithms to target offers and emails to match your previous choices. If you are an Amazon member you must receive daily emails offering you items that matched your previous searches and delete them almost immediately. I do because if … Continue reading Reward Programmes

What Annoys you most about Flying?

I was having a conversation with a colleague who was expressing his dissatisfaction at Air Transat. He commented about the quality of the other passengers onboard. His biggest gripe though,  was that the fact that the passenger in front put the seat back as soon as the seat belt sign was turned off after take off. In his opinion you have no need to recline … Continue reading What Annoys you most about Flying?

Where are the Best and Worst American Airports to be Delayed At?

As America gears up for the Holidays I read an interesting article on which are the best and worst American Airports to be delayed at this season. It isn’t clear if they have been included because of percentage of delayed flights or on their retail offerings. See what you think. 1. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson: 85% flights depart on schedule and over 221 retail outlets and … Continue reading Where are the Best and Worst American Airports to be Delayed At?

America’s Airports – IATA codes and more

Not all of the travelling public knows that every airport has a three letter code designated by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Some are easily memorable and others make no sense at all. One of the things that has always aided me in my job is to know the IATA codes for the regions that I am responsible for. There are some interesting facts behind … Continue reading America’s Airports – IATA codes and more

Max’s Must Travel Items

You might have noticed that ‘it is the season!’ and madness is all around us. I came up with a novel idea the other day to get away from clandestine phone calls and whispers between us all……set a budget that each of you wants to spend and then if it is equal just keep it and on the big day to get away from disappointment … Continue reading Max’s Must Travel Items

Getting your flights sorted

As you can see by now I have many years visiting the United States of America. These days getting good value flights are a challenge. In the mid 90’s airline offers were plentiful and often return fares of £99 were available to the East Coast. Actually the ticket cost of a flight can be only £35 or less but it has been the introduction of taxes by governments … Continue reading Getting your flights sorted