Planning in Progress – Visiting States #46 & #47 possibly #48

Those of you that follow this site already know that I have stepped foot into 45 states. I still need to visit Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota and finally Hawaii. As I am resident in the UK this rather restricts my options and what with the current cost of living crisis my purse strings are stretched. I have researched air fares in September and … Continue reading Planning in Progress – Visiting States #46 & #47 possibly #48

Las Vegas Airport Changes Name

Everyday is a school day! Now I know that this isn’t recent news but it was news to me. At the end of 2021 Las Vegas Airport changed it’s name. Since it’s first commercial arrivals in 1948 the airport had been named after the Senator of Nevada Pat McCarran. As far back as 2012, stories began to emerge of McCarran’s history of perpetuating racism and … Continue reading Las Vegas Airport Changes Name

American Airports – TSA

TSA reports 2022 a record year for firearms discovery TSA – Transportation Security Administration who are present at all US airports, ports and border crossings have reported that 2022 was the biggest yet for firearm discoveries. Established in 2001 the TSA discovered 6,542 firearms either on or in passengers luggage. They also reported that 88% were loaded. This is around a 10% increase on the … Continue reading American Airports – TSA

Coronavirus – Negative Test 24 – 48 hours before arrival in UK

Families plans and budgeting have been thrown into disarray with the new Covid-19 travel requirements that have been introduced to restrict the spread of the new Omicron variant. Now a PCR or LFD test taken between 24-48 hours before departure is a requirement to fly back to the UK. Children under 11 do not need to take a test.  After multiple searches for how to … Continue reading Coronavirus – Negative Test 24 – 48 hours before arrival in UK

TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

The TSA – Transportation Security Administration that screen all passengers at America’s airports announced near pre-pandemic numbers for this Thanksgiving weekend. In a tweet TSA said that their officers screened 2,207,949 individuals at checkpoints across America. This represents 91% of the numbers for the same day in 2019. TSA recommend that travellers arrive early at the airport and masks must be worn at all times … Continue reading TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

Tomorrow sees the return of International travellers from more than 25 different countries as well as the land borders re-opening. Travellers have to proof their vaccine status as well as a negative PCR or Antigen test at least three days before travel. There are so many suppliers of both that it is worth the effort in shopping around. Some can be posted to your home … Continue reading Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

International Travel to USA

From 08 November 2021 America will open up again for the first time since March 2020 to International travellers from 33 countries. The Coronavirus Pandemic has stopped travel to America and the land borders with Canada and Mexico have only just re-opened again. Only double vaccinated travellers will be allowed to travel. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours is also required. During the … Continue reading International Travel to USA

Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Sometime in the near future the UK will turn the Amber light to Green and the mass exodus will begin. Knowing that the next time I fly I will be in close proximity to many others and putting my safety in the hands of strangers but with the confidence that my chosen air carrier has protocols in place to keep the aircraft cabin as sanitised … Continue reading Coronavirus – When You Next Fly!

Coronavirus – UK puts USA on Amber

The UK announced a traffic light system of countries that UK residents will be allowed to travel to from 17 May 2021. The travel industry and most of the population of the UK was very disappointed with the results. The decisions were analysed by data that included the rates of infection of Covid-19 as well as the success so far of the countries vaccination programme. … Continue reading Coronavirus – UK puts USA on Amber

Reward Programmes

In an effort for brand loyalty there are benefit programmes for everything from books to airline tickets. These companies track your every purchase and then using algorithms to target offers and emails to match your previous choices. If you are an Amazon member you must receive daily emails offering you items that matched your previous searches and delete them almost immediately. I do because if … Continue reading Reward Programmes