Coronavirus – Vaccinations Still Required to Enter USA

May 11 is still the date that the White House has as the proposed review of the end to the Coronavirus public health emergency. This is despite a Bill being passed in the House of Representatives on February 8 by 227 to 201 to end the current entry policy. The White House is still unsure on allowing non vaccinated visitors into the States. It says … Continue reading Coronavirus – Vaccinations Still Required to Enter USA

Parking at Heathrow Airport

Not many days now until my first flight to America in just over three years. All is going to plan and the little details are now being finalised. To enter America you no longer have to take a COVID test within 24 hours of departure. You do however have to complete an attestation that you have had both vaccinations either a print out or online. … Continue reading Parking at Heathrow Airport

Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Airlines across the skies announced that the wearing of masks whilst on board have been relaxed and it now a choice. A Federal Judge struck down President Joe Biden’s mask mandate and for the time being whilst the White House works out how to respond to the ruling it has allowed airline operators and train operators to announce that mask wearing is no longer mandatory. … Continue reading Coronavirus – Masks on Mass Transport

Coronavirus – Travelling to USA

Free tests for Coronavirus are coming to an end in the UK and the final travel restrictions for arrivals into the UK have been scrapped the picture is still confusing for travellers from the UK. Where do citizens in the United Kingdom go to get PCR tests for proof of not having got Covid-19? It appears that if you are travelling to America from the … Continue reading Coronavirus – Travelling to USA

Coronavirus – Omicron Impacting Cruising

After the world had started to return to a reasonable level of normality it has been hit by the new variation Omicron. The strain is highly transmissible and thought to be less impactful than the Delta variant. Outbreaks on Cruise ships have prompted the CDC in America to advise that regardless of a vaccination status that going on a cruise should be avoided. The CDC … Continue reading Coronavirus – Omicron Impacting Cruising

Coronavirus – Negative Test 24 – 48 hours before arrival in UK

Families plans and budgeting have been thrown into disarray with the new Covid-19 travel requirements that have been introduced to restrict the spread of the new Omicron variant. Now a PCR or LFD test taken between 24-48 hours before departure is a requirement to fly back to the UK. Children under 11 do not need to take a test.  After multiple searches for how to … Continue reading Coronavirus – Negative Test 24 – 48 hours before arrival in UK

Coronavirus – PCR Tests 24 hrs Before Arrival into USA

The world’s travellers have been thrown into turmoil once more on the discovery of the new Omicron variant. Even though the world reacted swiftly it seems all precautions have failed to stop the spread of it’s path. Travelling to the USA only just reopened to over 35 countries and an LFT was an acceptable proof of being negative for COVID-19 with vaccinations having been taken. … Continue reading Coronavirus – PCR Tests 24 hrs Before Arrival into USA

Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

Tomorrow sees the return of International travellers from more than 25 different countries as well as the land borders re-opening. Travellers have to proof their vaccine status as well as a negative PCR or Antigen test at least three days before travel. There are so many suppliers of both that it is worth the effort in shopping around. Some can be posted to your home … Continue reading Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

International Travel to USA

From 08 November 2021 America will open up again for the first time since March 2020 to International travellers from 33 countries. The Coronavirus Pandemic has stopped travel to America and the land borders with Canada and Mexico have only just re-opened again. Only double vaccinated travellers will be allowed to travel. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours is also required. During the … Continue reading International Travel to USA