Fat Bear Week – Katmai National Park & Preserve – Alaska

I loved this when I saw it on Twitter. This last week has been Fat Bear Week. Bears at Katmai National Park & Preserve in Southern Alaska are being voted on in a simple knock out competition to see who is the fattest amongst them. This is the time of year that bears in the wild are consuming as many calories as possible before they … Continue reading Fat Bear Week – Katmai National Park & Preserve – Alaska

Calgary Stampede – The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

Held every July for 10 days this enormous celebration of cowboys, horses, cattle and agriculture was hugely exciting and basically huge. It wasn’t as I imagined at all. I always assumed that the iconic Saddledome was where the rodeo takes place but in fact it was the venue for a show during Stampede. I was in possession of a two day thrill package which gave … Continue reading Calgary Stampede – The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

5 Best Attractions in America

See if you agree with this list and if not let me have your nominations. Grand Canyon I was surprised to discover that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina is the most visited but that must be with mainly US visitors the most iconic must be the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It stretches a massive 277 miles which … Continue reading 5 Best Attractions in America

Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Michael Portillo has one of the best jobs ever! He and his little Appleton’s book get to travel and experience America by rail. His obvious enjoyment in presenting the history of his destinations and how they affected modern America is infectious. He is a retired Politian and yet he presents in an informative and often humorous style. I love his obvious British awkwardness but he … Continue reading Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Tour the White House

The White House When investigating visiting the White House it is straight forward for a US national but for overseas tourists it becomes a problem. The website directs you to ask for permission to tour the White House via your embassy. Following the instructions the British Embassy in Washington and that site clearly denies being able to grant any access to getting on a tour … Continue reading Tour the White House

JFK 22 Nov 63 Dealey Plaza Dallas

When I was a┬áteen there was a mini series called ‘The Trail of Lee Harvey Oswald’┬áMovie 1977 and it was promoted in a Sunday Times Magazine and I think that fuelled my fascination for JFK, Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald and all the conspiracy theories that ensued. Visiting Dallas was on my Bucket List but I didn’t realise the impact of actually standing in Dealey Plaza … Continue reading JFK 22 Nov 63 Dealey Plaza Dallas

Mount Rushmore – South Dakota

At the top of my most wanted to see and do things were: To visit Mount Rushmore was the top closely followed by seeing where JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Both could be considered to of the beaten track for a UK visitor to America. I achieved both independently and I mean independently as my husband wasn’t interested in accompanying me on either trip. In … Continue reading Mount Rushmore – South Dakota