Coronavirus – PCR Tests 24 hrs Before Arrival into USA

The world’s travellers have been thrown into turmoil once more on the discovery of the new Omicron variant. Even though the world reacted swiftly it seems all precautions have failed to stop the spread of it’s path. Travelling to the USA only just reopened to over 35 countries and an LFT was an acceptable proof of being negative for COVID-19 with vaccinations having been taken. President Biden declared that travellers to America now need to take a PCR test at least 24 hours before arrival regardless of a vaccine status. This will have massive ramifications for thousands of already booked travellers and their Christmas plans.

The cost of tests varies wildly and then there is location of test centres. If it is done by post what is the guarantee of getting that important result in time.

My desire to fly to America to resume my personal quest to visit new States is definitely on ice.


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