State Flags, Animals, Plants & Nicknames

If you didn’t know every State has it’s own State Flag. These are often flown side by side or just below the Stars & Stripes, but did you know that each state has it’s own flower, animal and some have official songs and sports.

Here are some of the strangest choices that I have come across

Maryland – State Sport is Jousting

Apparently Jousting festivals have been held in Maryland since the Civil War and was the first State to officially have a State Sport.

Maryland is one of only three States to have a State Cat. The state has appointed the Calico which in the UK we know as Tortoiseshell. The other two are Maine and Massachusetts who have the Coon Cat and Tabby respectively.

Oklahoma – State Rock Song

Voted by the public in 2008 the State Rock song is Do You Realise by The Flaming Lips chosen from 454 entrants. No me either!

Oklahoma is also the only State with an official cartoon character. Apparently appearing next to weather man Don Woods was Gusty. He was in forecasts for almost 35 years.

Nebraska – State Drink

Kool-Aid. Invented in 1927 in Hastings, Nebraska it sponsors an annual festival called Kool-Aid Days. It is a powdered drink that you add water to and comes in a variety of flavours. Unfairly it is linked to the Jonestown massacre when the followers of Jim Jones drank Grape Flavoured drink laced with Cyanide.

Wisconsin – City of Madison Bird

The official bird of the city of Madison, voted for 12-4 to be the Pink PLASTIC Flamingo!

Kentucky – State Wild Game Animal

The Grey Squirrel was designated in 1996 by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Utah – State Snack Food

Jell-O…apparently more people eat Jell-O in Utah than anywhere else in the World.

This is my favourite

Pennsylvania – State Toy (proposed)

The Slinky is the newly proposed toy for the State of Pennsylvania and there are two other States with official toys.

Kansas – Etch a Sketch

Mississippi – Teddy Bear

Each State has a nickname and some of them are obvious, such as Arizona the Grand Canyon State, Florida being the Sunshine State and California the Golden State and others are obscure.

Alabama – Yellowhammer State

Missouri – Show Me State

Indiana – Hoosier State

Georgia – Peach State

Iowa – Hawkeye State

Nebraska – Cornhusker State

Kansas – Sunflower State

North Carolina – Tar Heel State

Oklahoma – Sooner State

Wyoming – Equality State

If you are from any of these States perhaps you can share where these States got their nicknames.