Where will your next trip be to?

I started a new job recently having been made redundant from my previous role after 10 years, take a month, literally. I was lucky enough to get a role with an online cruise travel agency in Wimbledon. They sell thousands of cruises and are multiple award winners in their field. They sell the second most volume of cruises in the UK behind Thomas Cook who have over 700 outlets and Iglu.com  have no stores. They are a huge success. My role has been to add escorted tours to the front or end of a cruise. For me it is like a dream come true delving into tours and adding flights or excursions or hotel nights to make a package somebody’s dream holiday.

Did you know that you add almost anything around a cruise to maximise your experience? So I thought I would ask where will your next trip be to? Obviously I have a leaning to the United States. Will you take an escorted coach tour or do what I do and rent a car and hit the road? Where in America do you have your bucket list? Are you a collector of States and are planning your next visit to tick another of your list?

I have mentioned before that I have 6 States to visit and to be honest doing this blog has been a sanity check for me I haven’t had a chance to look into my next adventure. The airline sales are just starting so it will be a good time to start planning and booking time off work. I have less days to play with in my new job so planning is critical to maximise my chances of visiting my missing states.

Does anyone have suggestions for me on what I should do next? My missing States are as follows and Hawaii isn’t on my radar for a while yet.

Utah – Direct flight from UK to Salt Lake City

North Dakota – No UK direct service

New Mexico – No UK direct service

Oklahoma – No UK direct service

Nebraska – No UK direct service

Blue – spent hotel nights Red – visited but not spent hotel nights

Whilst I am in a reaching out state of mind I am missing magnets from

Alabama, West Virginia, North Carolina does anyone have ideas (not using EBAY) to get hold of these magnets missing from my collection? Is anyone from the CVB reading this?